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As of August 5, 2013, all futures and options contracts are traded on a single platform under Borsa Istanbul Futures and Options Market (VIOP). 

Prices quoted on futures and options exchanges reflect future value of the underlying asset, not the present value. When investors make transactions in VIOP, the exchange of goods and money takes place at a future date. 

The products traded in VIOP are called "Derivatives" or "Contracts". Financial instruments whose value is directly linked to the value of another financial asset or good are called “Derivative". 

You can execute your derivatives trading transactions via our experienced staff through telephone or online platforms (ebroker, OMS).

You can simultaneously follow the markets through our daily information notes and make healthier decisions on your investments. Tera Yatırım is aiming to provide professional services according to international standards. We adhere to strong ethical principles as building long term client relations based on mutual trust is our first priority.

You can reach our VIOP department through +90 212 365 1000.

What type of agreements are traded in VIOP?

Futures and Options agreements.

What type of agreements are not traded in VIOP?

Forward and Swap agreements.

What is a Future Agreement?

A future agreement represents the liability to sell or buy the underlying asset at a predetermined price, quantity and quality on a future date.

The buyer of a future agreement is obliged to buy the underlying asset at maturity from the pre-agreed price.

The seller of a future agreement is obliged to sell the underlying asset at maturity from the pre-agreed price.

Why should I invest in VIOP?

  • VIOP provides the opportunity to trade in an organized market.
  • Open positions carried at the end of the day without the possibility of swap payment is possible.
  • Your collaterals will be kept in Takasbank and you will receive interest income every day for your collateral.
  • Your collaterals are under the guarantee of Investor Compensation Center up to TL 177.681.
  • Provides risk management to investors who want to be protected from risk.
  • Provides the opportunity to trade by making less initial investment than spot markets.
  • You can invest in Futures with the expectation that prices will both decrease and rise.