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Domestic Equities

Domestic equities are issued by joint stock companies, representing the share capital of joint stock companies. It is an equivalent part of the principal of any company and represents a partnership or ownership. In order to issue equities, it has been compulsory to obtain permission from the Capital Markets Board (CMB). 

Tera Yatırım has a CMB license and works in accordance with the legislation. You may be partner to Turkey's largest company via Tera Yatırım. 

Tera Yatırım offers you the necessary education and analysis tools as well as trading platforms that will enable you to make easy transactions. 

You can get information about financial markets from  Head Office Transaction Unit and representatives in our branches and make equity investments.

Head Office   :   +90 212 365 10 00
Antalya Liaison Office   :   +90 242 243 50 00

Our clients can execute their transactions either through our dealers or through internet (Tera Online) as well as through the “e-broker” system provided by data vendors such as Foreks and Matriks.

Our Research team supports our investment advisors regarding suggestions for local equity trading. Client orders are executed thoroughly, fast and safe according to their demand. 

Credit Transaction

Our investors who want to take higher risks in their investments and increase their profit in this way are granted loans according to their portfolios in accordance with the CMB rules.

Short Sale Transactions

We offer our investors, who have negative expectations for price movements in the market and /or a stock, to make short selling on the basis of stocks in accordance with the principles determined by the Capital Markets Board.

Within the framework of the regulations of the Capital Markets Board, short sale can be made in (A) shares in BIST 100. However, as an institution, we are careful in our stocks so that our investors can close their positions at any price and any time they want and in order to have stocks in the LEND market when necessary.

Why invest in the stock market? 

  • By investing in stock market, you get the right to become a partner in the company.
  • You have the right to participate in the profit share and capital increase of the company you invest.
  • Stocks are financial products that investors can buy and sell in the market at any time.
  • There is a tax advantage and the withholding tax on income from stock trading is 0%.