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Tera Yatırım Research Department serves domestic and international corporate customers as well as local individual customers. Research Department closely follows macro, micro economic and political developments and interprets rationally.

Our research team is experienced in capital markets and focused companies and sectors. Our team's stock follow-up list covers approximately 70% of BIST-100.

Daily newsletters include all developments and company-based news that may affect the market and provide comments from the Research Department on the possible impact of the news on the markets. No advice or guidance is given to investors based on information that does not come from official news sources.

Short information notes are prepared in line with the demands of the customers in the non-follow-up shares, and the financials of the companies are evaluated and comments are made about whether the company is expensive or cheaper than the sector in which it is located.

You can send an e-mail to arastirma@terayatirim.com to reach our reports or register to our customer list.