International Future Contracts

International Future Contracts are leveraged derivatives that are traded in organized markets abroad. These are contracts that require cash or physical delivery in a future term and have standard features such as maturity, contract size and leverage determined by the relevant exchanges. For futures, the terms and conditions of the transaction are determined before the transaction takes place.

You can buy and sell transactions in many futures markets such as commodities, precious metals, energy, indexes, parities and financials through online platforms.

Why Should I Invest in International Future Contracts? 

  • There is no risk of default of one of the parties in futures contracts.
  • Overseas futures transactions provide the opportunity to make transactions through the electronic trading platform. The trading platform allows trading via a desktop, mobile application or internet-based webtrader.
  • Unlike Forex products, Futures Contracts are not counter-products. There is a contract due. The prices are different from the spot prices and are equal to the spot price at maturity. The cost of swap is not out of the question in this market.
  • Futures Markets, which offers the opportunity to trade in many stock exchanges and thousands of products in the world, has a very high transaction volume and comes first in the US Futures.