Foreign Stock

With Tera Investment, you can reach the world's leading markets in Europe, America and Asia such as NASDAQ, NYSE, XETRA, LSE and diversify your investment products in the stock market. 

While individual investors can invest in foreign stocks in Tera Yatırım, especially corporate investors can easily and effectively manage the price risks they may face in foreign currency, commodity, energy, interest and index by using derivative products traded in foreign markets. 

You can get support from our customer representatives in order to reach the commission rates to be applied in the stock transactions you will perform in foreign markets.

Why should I invest in foreign stock? 

  • The international stock market is your gateway to world markets.
  • You can invest in foreign stock exchange in developed cities of the world and monitor the movements in financial markets.
  • You can fund your account in multiple currencies and trade assets in multiple currencies from a single account.