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Financial Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the labor market, where the competitive environment is increasing day by day, mergers and acquisitions are the most important transactions that can be carried out in order to grow rapidly and to be ahead of the competition. In this way, firms grow and increase productivity. The most important point in mergers and acquisitions is the right company and the right price setting stage. Unless the right partnership is achieved, problems may occur in the future.

In line with our activities in mergers and acquisitions that we have continued for years as Tera, we have always received full satisfaction from our customers before and after M&A.

Tera, which has a strong position in the buyside and sellside with its international service network, keeps the quality of service given to the companies at the highest level by determining the most accurate price thanks to the research team having international experience in the price determination stage.

Tera draws your roadmap during the merger and acquisition process, makes your plan and aims to add maximum value to you. 


Tera Investment provide privatization services to the Privatization Board and companies with its experience.

Tera determines the privatization strategy, plans the privatization process, makes the valuation study, prepares information booklet introducing the company, identificates  the potential buyers and manages the data room and the closing process.

Tera gave her first experience in the privatization process in 2010 and became the consultant for the sale of Taşucu Port and Real Estate. Tera served as a consultant to the buyer in the National Lottery Auction of USD 3.2 billion, one of the most important privatizations of 2014.

Debt Finance Consulting

Debt Finance Consulting service covers all kinds of activities involving both financing and reporting and promotional activities in long-term projects with the financing of short-term capital needs of companies.

In addition, Tera provides consultancy services to companies in need of refinancing for short-term bridge loans or restructuring of loans.

Tera also provides Mezzanine financing that is a hybrid of debt and equity financing that gives the lender the right to convert to an equity interest in the company in case of default, generally, after venture capital companies and other senior lenders are paid.