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Who Are We? | Tera Yatırım

Who Are We?

Tera Yatırım, previously called Stok Menkul Değerler was founded in 1990. In 2005, the partnership structure changed and continued as Tera Yatırım. Tera is a name  inspired by “Terra”, ancient Roman goddess of mother earth that brings fertility and prosperity.

The main objective of Tera Yatırım is to adhere to strict ethical standards, to adopt a visionary approach, conserve its independent status with a commitment to creating value for its clients, employees, shareholders and the public in general.

Our basic principles;

  • Adherence to ethical rules,
  • Good vision,
  • Protection of the identity of an independent brokerage house,
  • To create value for customers, employees and partners.

The markets in which we operate;

  • Equity Market,
  • Debt Market,
  • Repo / Reverse Repo Market,
  • Outright Purchases and Sales Market,
  • Futures and Options Market,
  • International Depositary Receipt,
  • International Market and Bond Market.


Aiming to help investors achieve their financial expectations, Tera prioritizes quality and efficiency.

Tera Yatırım follows innovations closely and is on its way to becoming the most preferred financial services company.


Tera Yatırım keeps the product variety up-to-date by closely following the innovations and is committed to providing the highest quality support for investors to form the right investment strategies.

Tera Yatırım priorites technological adaptations and are keeping up with the digital age to become the most preferred brokerage firm.

Why Invest with Tera?

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Strong Capital
  • Experienced Staff
  • Digital Adaptation
  • Technological Platforms