Legal Information

Legal Information

  • Minimum Risk and Elements of Transactions

    Leveraged transactions allow our investors to engage in trading with minimum collateral as defined by CMB regulations, which is "50,000 Turkish Lira," and leverage ratios of "1/10," enabling the possibility of achieving high returns when moving in the same direction as the market, while also posing the risk of significant losses in opposite scenarios, creating a financial market.
    However, adverse market conditions could lead to the complete loss of the investor's collateral if the market moves against their expectations. Investors should consider that trading in the Forex market involves high risk in addition to potential returns.
    To view the 'Leveraged Buy-Sell Transactions Risk Disclosure Form,' please click here.
  • Storage and Usage Terms of Collected Personal Data

    For details regarding our Privacy and Security Policy, please click here.
    For the Disclosure Statement on the Processing of Personal Data, please click here.
    Click here for the Data Owner Request Form.
  • Order Execution Policy

    To view our order execution policy, please click here.
  • Instant Price Quotes for Non-Traded Capital Market Instruments

    Currently, we do not offer instant buy-sell price quotes for non-traded capital market instruments except for derivative instruments created one-on-one with customers according to their needs and requests.
  • Monitoring of Orders in Electronic Environment and Notification Principles for Customers

    Regarding all orders received in electronic form, including those cancelled, unexecuted, and modified:
    • The asset subject to the transaction,
    • Order type,
    • Whether the order is a buy or sell order,
    • Order price and quantity,
    • Date and time the order was received,
    • Date, time, price, and quantity the order was executed,
    • Account number of the customer for each received order,
    • Price information generated on the electronic trading platform at the moment of execution, recorded in the system, and accessible to our investors after logging into the Electronic Trading Platform (Tera FX).
    • For all leveraged buy-sell transactions in accounts,
    • For all asset entries, exits, and transfers,
    • For exact profit and loss amounts in closed positions,
    • For potential profit and loss amounts related to open positions,
    • For all commissions, fees, and tax amounts accrued to accounts,
    • Account collateral status can be monitored through the Electronic Trading Platform (Tera FX) after user login.
  • Periodic Notifications to Our Customers

    We provide daily and monthly notifications to our customers regarding leveraged buy-sell transactions.
    Monthly notifications are sent to customers as requested by them according to the contract and include the following information:
    • For all positions taken, date, time, price, and quantity,
    • Exact profit and loss amount for closed positions,
    • Potential profit and loss amount for open positions,
    • All transactions related to cash, securities, and other assets held with the brokerage firm,
    • All commissions, fees, and taxes accrued to the account,
    • Collateral status,
    Daily notifications are sent to customers within the business day following the day of each transaction, containing information about all positions taken within the previous day, as requested by customers in the contract.
  • Possible Risks and Security of the Utilized Computer Network and Encryption Systems

    The platform is built as a client-server application, and SSL (a security protocol used to ensure the privacy and integrity of information transfer over the Internet) encryption method is used for communication channel security. Redundant servers are also utilized for service provision. To trade, the investor must have an uninterrupted operational platform and an internet connection.
  • Alternative Communication Methods Against Risks that May Occur on the Platform

    Issues related to Turkey's international internet access; In cases where this issue arises, contact information for authorized personnel is available on our website, and customers can conduct their transactions by phone. Transactions are accepted via telephone, transmitted to Tera Yatırım dealers via phone, and executed.
    Platform used for transactions becomes inoperable; The Tera Yatırım platform is designed to operate in an active/active architecture and has internal redundancy. In the event that access to the system is not possible despite all these precautions, the following business continuity steps are initiated.
    In the event that access to the platform cannot be achieved electronically, the IT Department reports to the Treasury and Foreign Derivatives Instruments Unit Manager and senior management. Authorized Tera Yatırım personnel can be contacted through the telephone switchboard.
  • Proportional Distribution of Accounts in Profit and Loss

    Click here for Profit/Loss reports.
  • Risk Disclosure Forms

    Click here for Alternative Market Risk Disclosure.
    Click here for Close Monitoring Market Risk Disclosure.
    Click here for Derivative Instruments Risk Disclosure.
    Click here for Pre-Market Trading Platform.
    Click here for General Risk Disclosure Form for Investment Services and Activities.
  • Trading Rules Notification Form

    Click here for Trading Rules Notification Form.
Legal Information
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