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Financing Through Debt Instruments

Bonds and bills are important instruments enabling companies too vercome any financing bottlenecks which may arise though banks-onlyfunding. Companies can provide longer term and better suited funding through bond& bills issuances.

Tera has acted as a pioneer in the last two years in this field and facilitated TRY 620 mn of long term financing through bond issuances for its clients.

Companies can diversify their funding sources and reach international markets through bonds and bills issuances.

Islamic Financing

Islamic Financing is unfortunately not provided sufficiently in Turkey. Tera is aiming to open a new era in Islamic Financing in capital markets through its Asset Lease Company and its team of professionals who have facilitated the first Mudarabah, Wakalahand Murabaha Lease Certificate issuances in Turkey, issued the first Lease Certificate in Turkey for project financing, issued the first Islamic debt instrument at Turkish Stock Exchange as well as received the “Islamic Finance Deal of theYear in Europe Award” from “The Banker” magazine for the first ever project financing Lease Certificate issuance.

Tera will be initiating its Lease Certificate issuances in 2015 which will also bring new features to our capital markets. The Lease Certificate issuances will be structured tailor-made according to the needs of the clients including more flexible Islamic Financing structures like Wakalah,Musharaka and Mudarabah additional to conventional structures.

Lease Certificates which have similar features to other debt instruments are issued for financing a “real” trade and accordingly provide investors with additional safety through underlying collaterals.

Structured Finance

Tera is enabling companies to reach long-term financing through its Structured Finance solutions with its team who have realized the first Asset Backed Securities (ABS) issuances in Turkey which have been rated with a “AAA” note representing the highest possible rating note by JCR Eurasia Rating and received “Turkey’s Best Structured Finance Provider” award by Global Banking&Finance.

Tera also provides fully fledged advisory services regarding Asset Backed, Mortgage Backed and Mortgage Based securities issuances by structuring the deal also on a legal and operational perspective.

IPO Advisory Services

Tera provides also fully fledged IPO advisory services to its clients by offering pre-IPO structuring services, valuation services as well as dealing with all application procedures regarding Borsa Istanbul and CapitalMarkets Board, advertising the deal and marketing& sales activities on a domestic and international level.

Tera has participated in numerous successful IPO’s as lead manager or consortium member since 2010 thanks to its experienced team and domestic/international sales network.

Tera also provides advisory services regarding Emerging Companies Market, Free Trade Platform,Tender Offers and Market Advisory.