Tera Yatırım Investment Banking


Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions have be come the most common way for quick growth and moving ahead of the competition.Companies can achieve economies of scale advantages and increase in efficiency through M&A. The key factor for a succesful M&A transaction is to identify the right companies with right prices. An unsuitable partnership may create problems afte rthe M&A transaction.

The pre and post M&A services of Tera have always been successfully appreciated by our clients.Tera has a solid position in the market through its international network regarding buyside and sellside advisory services. The internationally experienced Research team enables Tera to maintain the service quality on the highest level regarding its valuation advisory services.


Tera provides fully fledged privatization advisory services with its extensive experience in privatization deals. Tera provides the Privatization Administration and bidding companies with advisory services on determining the privatization strategy, planning of the transaction, valuation of the transaction, preparing of presentations, identifying potential buyers, managing the data room as well as deal closing.

Tera has advised the Privatization Administration for the sale of Taşucu Port along with its assets in 2010 and has acted as buyside advisor of the successful bidder on one of the largest privatization deals in 2014, the USD 3.2billion sized Milli Piyango deal.

Debt Advisory Services

Debt Advisory Services comprise of providing short term workingcapital, long-term project financing as well as reporting and promotional services.

Additional to above mentioned services,Tera arranges for its clients in need of re-financing also short term bridge financing and loan restructuring.

Tera also provides its clients with Mezzanine Finance which is a hybrid of debt and equity financing as a flexible form of long-term financing.