About Us


Tera Yatırım, previously called Stok Menkul Değerler, was first established in 1991. The brokerage firm has been taken over in 2005 by a team of professionals with an ambition to transform it into an internationally reputable investment house. Under the new ownership Stok Menkul's name has been changed into Tera Brokers Incorporated (Tera Yatırım), a name that is inspired by Terra, ancient Roman goddess of mother earth that brings fertility and prosperity.

The main objective of Tera Stock Brokers is to establish a client oriented corporate culture within Turkish brokerage community thus provide the best service possible. The principles of its core team are adherence to strict ethical standards, adoption of a visionary approach, conservation of its independent status and commitment to creation of value for its clients, employees, shareholders and the public in general.

At Tera, we commit to the highest standards of good corporate governance and ethical values. Two of our shareholders (also members of executive committee) are CFA charterholders, further stressing our commitment to highest ethical standards.