BIST (Equities Market)

Established in 1990, Tera Yatırım intermediates actively the equity trading activities of its local and foreign real person and institutional clients by real-time tracking of international capital markets through its experienced team of professionals.

You can receive more information from our advisors located in our Head Office and branches and execute your transactions.

Head Office : +90 212 365 10 00
Antalya Liaison Office : +90 242 243 50 00

You can also execute your transactions through our Internet Branch.

You can also trade through the E-BROKER system created in cooperation with the data vendor company Matriks.

Margin Loans

Investors seeking more return by taking additional risk are provided with margin loans according to the size of their equity portfolio in line with Capital Markets Board regulations.

Short Selling

We provide also short selling opportunities for investors having negative expectations on prices in the market or in a specific listed equity within theframework stipulated by Capital Markets Board.

According to Capital Markets Board regulations, equities comprising the BIST 100 Index (Group A equities) can be subject to short selling activities. We act very prudent to ensure that our clients can close their open positions in the right time by providing equties also from the lending market if needed.